Hormone Stimulation and Egg Extraction (Reykjavik)

When you decide to donate eggs, it is important that you are fully informed of what it means.

A man produces sperm throughout his life and can therefore donate regularly. A woman is born with about 300,000 immature eggs. When she enters puberty and her menstrual periods begin, an egg matures and is released every month until she reaches menopause.

To get several eggs for donation we have to stimulate your ovaries with a hormone called FSH. The eggs are extracted in a simple procedure for later use for donation in an in vitro fertilisation procedure (IVF). Before your eggs are extracted, you are given an analgesic to counteract any discomfort. Normally, egg extraction takes about 10-20 minutes and then you rest for an hour, after which you may leave the clinic.

We choose a milder form of medication for hormone stimulation which has few side effects. You will menstruate 1-2 weeks after the egg extraction and from then on, your menstrual cycle will be as normal. The treatment will not affect your fertility or your future chances of pregnancy.